Frequently asked questions

What is your programming philosophy?

My programs focus on getting you stronger, safely over time using basic strength exercises that can be progressed as you develop more skill, muscle, and strength. My training programs are not complex in nature, rather they are designed to be effective yet easy to follow and to prepare. And they are designed to enhance your daily life activities.

How do your structure your programs?

All programs are custom built based on our consultation and the intake form you complete. They will be designed around your unique goals, training environment and any limitations you may have.

Do I need to have experience lifting weights?

I work with people of all levels. That being said, certain plans are better suited for certain levels, see the descriptions of the plans I offer here.

What if I have never lifted weights before?

I would suggest starting with in person training in order to learn some gym and training basics, develop some strength and proper movement patterns and build the confidence you will need before transitioning to online coaching.

What if I have some experience lifting weights and want to level up?

The Hybrid option would suit you well. You will get the expertise and push you need to step it up by having an in-person session 1x per week which will translate to you training yourself more effectively and intensely.

What results have your clients seen?

Increased confidence, the ability to enjoy hobbies and activities outside of the gym due to increased strength and cardiovascular endurance, improved sleep, lowered stress levels, certainty when it comes to managing their nutrition, better fitting clothes, strength training knowledge, fat loss and muscle retention to name a few.

Can your training help me have more energy?

One of the first things clients notice is a general increased feeling of “wellness”. Feeling brighter, happier and more energetic. Here are a few of my favorite benefits that contribute to having more energy; Improved muscle function, increased metabolism, enhanced mood, better sleep, improved cardiovascular health and stress reduction.

How long do you usually work with people?

6-12 months is typically how long it takes before I feel someone is ready to graduate to my Hybrid or Online Training Options.

I’m not sure what program is best for me. What do you suggest?

I’ve developed my plans based on various experience levels, so the best place to start is by looking them over and seeing if one of them stands out to you. But I’m also happy to tailor plans to exactly where you are, so please feel to reach out to me here.

Can I sign up for Nutrition Coaching if I am not a training client?

Yes, you may do nutrition coaching as a standalone service.

If I sign up for online training, how do we communicate?

We communicate through instant messaging through the app or email for longer communication. Any questions will be answered within 24 hours.

How many days will I work out if I choose online coaching?

2-4 strength days and 2-3 cardio days depending on your schedule, your goals, and how much time you are able to allocate.

Do you work with everyday people who are beginners?

Absolutely. I have worked with hundreds of lifestyle clients who just want to feel stronger and have a better quality of life as well as people brand new to strength training. I pride myself in teaching people who are new to health and fitness, how to become independent and take charge of their fitness.

How long are the training sessions?

50-60 minutes in duration.

Are there any age restrictions?

I work with adults only, so anyone 18 or over!

Do you train men and women?


Do you work with people with eating disorders?

No, I do not have the expertise to help people facing these particular challenges.

Do I need a membership to train with you?

Yes. Any in-person training requires a membership with Gold’s Gym. Their membership cost is $40 per month on a month to month basis.

How will I be charged?

All programs are billed monthly as a subscription. They can be cancelled at any point after the minimum period is satisfied with a 30-day written notice.

Where do the in-person training sessions take place?

Gold’s Gym 2301 Cross Timbers Rd, Unit 175 Flower Mound, TX

Still have questions?

Reach out and let me know how I can help!